A horrific mistake in governance parading as partisan politics

Go back almost a century, to the time when the modern corporation was created, and you’ll find laws that prohibit or limit the use of corporate money in elections. And yet this week, a 5-4 Supreme Court struck down the limits that Congress passed in 2002 in this tradition in the case Citizens United v. FEC.

Read here: The misguided theories behind Citizens United v. FEC. – By David Kairys – Slate Magazine.

A thoughtful attack on brand- and experience-based design

Re-Thinking Interaction Design | design mind.

From Frogdesign.

“If there is a future for designers and marketers in big business, it
lies not in brand, nor in “UX,” nor in any colorful way of framing
total control over a consumer, such as “brand equity,” “brand loyalty,”
the “end to end customer journey,” or “experience ownership”. It lies
instead in encouraging behavioral change and explicitly shaping culture
in a positive and lasting way.”

Misled by Technology: Compumorphics

David Brooks in the NY Times writes about the tenor of public impatience with public institutions. “Many people seem to be in the middle of a religious crisis of faith. All the gods they believe in — technology, technocracy, centralized government control — have failed them in this instance.”

Our modern tendency to understand human beings as analogues of computers, which I have begun to call “compumorphizing, gives this kind of result.

via Op-Ed Columnist – The God That Fails – NYTimes.com.