A New Offer … for you?

After not posting here for a long time, I’m getting busy in a new more public way. Here is my invitation:

Next Steps for Our Masterclass!

After 18 months of exploration in what we have called a masterclass we are refining what we will be doing. For the balance of 2023 Chauncey, Laurie, Susie, Peter, and the gang are shifting the game.

Our first meeting will be NEXT Wednesday, February 1st, from 1-2:30pm Pacific Time. Follow the instructions below to register. A zoom link will be available after you register.

We are going to call this adventure,

The Salon (Conversations with Chauncey Bell and Friends).” 

And, there will be no fee for participation. What we will put into preparing and leading regular monthly meetings will be our gift to the community. We will “make our living” from consulting relationships with organizations and individuals, some of whom may emerge from our gatherings. 

Register to participate in The Salon at https://www.skool.com/altwork

As you register, you may notice other people in our “altWork” group who are currently strangers to you. We will be convening a larger community in collaboration with Chauncey’s long-time partner Saqib Rasool, and he and others will be bringing participants to our conversations.

The Heart of the Matter

For the last half year we have been asking the question, What should you and I be doing together for the sake of the health and well-being of ourselves and those with whom we share the planet for the future that is arriving? We have found this to be a bloody good question. 

It looks to us that the world has entered a new, tumultuous era which, over time, will replace the industrial era that we were all born into and have grown up in. The background narratives of the industrial era (which help us make sense of our world) are collapsing, some quickly and obviously, and others more slowly and subtly. As human beings who care about each other and our worlds, we are confronting many massive changes bringing themselves to our attention. 

In this moment, we ask what are the most critical skills for us to enrich and develop? Our answer is: skills and sensibilities that support us in developing trusting relationships with each other. We need to get a lot better at having conversations and building relationships. Opening up the origin of the word: “con” = together; “versation” = we emerge changed from our encounters with each other. In the words of the title of Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, our challenge is to get much better at “talking to strangers.” As the rate of change in the world accelerates, we will not have the time or leisure to wait for our old ways of getting to know each other as we build the relationships in which we construct our worlds. 

Our conversations in The Salon will be about this. We will bring wonderful guests to our meetings, and learn together how to set up the space of conversations so that we all may learn and enrich our relationships to these ends. 

Here is our plan for The Salon:

  1. We will meet on zoom from 1-2:30pm Pacific Time on the first Wednesday of every month – including NEXT Wednesday the 1st of February, 2023. 
  2. This timing will make it possible for friends in Australia, New Zealand, and even China to join us, as well as friends in Europe.
  3. Each meeting will be 1 hour and 15 minutes of designed conversation, followed by 15 minutes of our traditional “office hours.” 

Finally, who will be the “us” as we gather to explore topics that are important to us? 

One of our most important ambitions as we enter 2023 is to expand the community in which we have been talking. Eliminating the “price of participation” is specifically to help make our conversation available to more people.

So, please help us with this ambition. Invite those friends with whom you share concerns and those who you find yourself not always agreeing with. Invite your adult children, along with young relatives and young friends to join us in these conversations. Let us see if we can extend the range of ages with whom we are talking. Millennials (age 25-38), Boomers (age 55-73), and Gen X (age 39-54) now make up the largest proportions of the U.S. population.

Again, register to participate in The Salon at: http://www.skool.com/altwork

  1. Click on the link above, or enter “skool.com/altwork” in a browser window.
  2. You will be prompted to upload a picture, provide  a brief bio about who you are, and respond to a few short signup questions. 
  3. Once you register, Saqib’s team will confirm your membership within 24 hours.
  4. On our altWork site notice (1) the picture of you in the top right of the screen. Click there to adjust your profile. (2) Click on “Members” at the top and you will find brief profiles for all the members. (3) Click on “Community;” we invite you  to write a brief introduction of yourself. (4) Click on “Calendar” and you will find on the first Wednesday of every month: The Salon at 1pm Pacific Time along with a Zoom Link to join us in the monthly meeting and an invitation to put that into your calendars. 

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