Truth 2.0

OK, I’m going to put my foot in it now.

Ariana’s “solution” of a fact-checking “tool” is wrong, I am sure, because the issue about the distinction between assessments and assertions, and tools will not do an adequate job of dealing with what AH points to here.

But that is an aside. What she does that I like a lot is to put her finger on, and provide a beautiful current example of, the way in which we moderns have come to a pathetic interpretation of language. With this way of being we are murdering our capacity to come together and work on things that matter to us .

Arianna Huffington: PolitiFact Embraces Equivocation, the Truth Gets Squeezed.

via Truth 2.0.

2 thoughts on “Truth 2.0

  1. Bernardo Andrews

    Ariana is wrong on the “solution” but is quite right on the concern. I also like where is she putting her finger… that may lead us to see the disintegration of ethics in business, contaminating the same sickness to politics, family and other fundamental domains of our lives. There is a major challenge for rebuilding education in USA, Mexico and many other places in the planet, based on a new understanding of language and ethics.

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