New Developments – Seattle!

After 35 years in the SF Bay Area, and 21 years in the same home in Alameda, my wife and I are packed and heading north tomorrow, to Seattle. I will participate in founding a new firm based there. The firm, CareCyte, has the mission of improving access to quality healthcare. We will provide elegantly simple healthcare facilities, designed and sized for the needs of communities with limited or no access, delivered in much less time than construction normally takes, at significantly lower cost. We are currently in the process of planning the business, completing designs, working out relationships with initial customers, and raising money.

At this moment I cannot figure out how I will blog about this new venture, but I am committed to continue and expand this exploration begun about a year ago.

I welcome your suggestions.

5 thoughts on “New Developments – Seattle!

  1. Luke

    Dear Chauncey and Family,
    It is good to hear that you are taking such a big ‘risk’ in making such a change. I am proud to be your friend and partner on this journey. My love and blessings are with you all. I know this is late but have a great Thanksgiving in the fullest sense of the tradition.

  2. Robert Wilson

    Not sure if this is the Luke that I know, but if it is – How are you!? How is your son? I’ve a son of my own now and a daughter to arrive very soon!

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