Major Article on Richard Strozzi-Heckler’s Work

Richard’s work is drawing a lot of attention. Many, many friends have produced major shifts in their capacities to think and act in the world by working with him. Here’s a major story about his work, appearing in the Winter Edition of Strategy+Business. Click here.

Be sure to read the comments to this post. Margaret gives a good (bad) review of the article itself. I strongly recommend Richard’s work, irrespective of the quality of the article.


CareCyte in the news

A presentation was posted last week about what I am doing in healthcare.

In the presentation cited on this page, Dr. Robert Franza, Executive Scientific Director of the Seattle Science Foundation, talks about the Seattle Science Foundation and what they have been doing with CareCyte. His talk was titled, “Envisioning Program-Adaptable Care FacilitiesTM: The CareCyte Endeavor.”