CareCyte in the news

A presentation was posted last week about what I am doing in healthcare.

In the presentation cited on this page, Dr. Robert Franza, Executive Scientific Director of the Seattle Science Foundation, talks about the Seattle Science Foundation and what they have been doing with CareCyte. His talk was titled, “Envisioning Program-Adaptable Care FacilitiesTM: The CareCyte Endeavor.”

One thought on “CareCyte in the news

  1. Russell E. Shaw

    I am happy to learn fernando Flores is still at work.

    I am a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel and an authority on
    the metaphysics of war. We have wars here in the USA
    that have nothing to do with “free trade” but instead liike
    the slave trade, are designed to enrich the drug pushers and
    make slaves out of the drug users.

    We need to do some operational research and analysis that
    would let us unconceal how this trade war is worse than
    the usage of drugs itself. In any case, those who have
    come to depend on drugs and are addicted to drugs, need
    somether better than drugs to deal with their “problems
    in living”.

    Ortega y Gasset wrote on the “revolt of the masses” and
    the breakdown of authority and leadership in Europe,

    We now have this breakdown of trust between the people and
    the government.

    let us restore some trust by telling people the truth about
    human beings and drugs.

    There are no such things as an absolutely safe drugs or human

    In a context of war, people are not safe.

    Russ Shaw, Ontologist

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