Lovely Interview with Eric Schmidt

Lavinia Weissman showed me this interview with the Google CEO on “Google’s view on the future of business,” executed and presented by McKinsey & Co. Get it here. Click on “Launch Interactive” just under the drawing of Eric Schmidt. Be patient. It takes time to load. See if you can figure out how to listen to it. Move your cursor around on the page, and click on the little arrows to listen to the different parts of the interview.

Schmidt talks about:

  • Changing competition
  • The “long tail”
  • Making money
  • Evolving management
  • The nature of innovation
  • Strategic platforms and global standards

I find what he has to say lucid, elegant, concise, and very worthwhile. Pay particular attention to his comments on evolving management.

See what you think.

One thought on “Lovely Interview with Eric Schmidt

  1. Wow. It’s very disturbing to hear a CEO of one of the most successful companies in the world say that it is not possible to have balance in an executive’s live. And that bloggers are disasters on a human scale because they can’t sleep for fear that a story will break while they are sleeping and all the clicks will go somewhere else. Both of these comments seem to come from a viewpoint that competition is all about speed, and not about creating unique value.

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