Fernando Flores new offerings

Many of my readers know that I worked with Fernando Flores for over 20 years in a variety of companies and roles. I am his student, admiring colleague, and friend.

Now that he has completed his term in the Chilean Senate, Fernando has begun to roll out new educational offerings. He has started to deliver the new program he has been thinking about for some time now, with a center of operations in the US. His central premise (my summary) is that there is nowhere available today an educational program that addresses the challenges of the most serious problems facing us in the world today — working across enormous cultural and geographical distances, and building programs (and people) with the kind of  ‘staying power’ to keep thinking about and developing approaches to problems that will not be swayed or stopped because some groups have found compelling sound-bytes and mastered techniques of speaking ‘loudly’ in whatever media.

To address this need, he has built a short workshop that introduces the program, a four-month long course about working effectively in small groups, and is at this moment piloting the second of what he expects could eventually be a set of four or five courses.

I am currently participating in the first of the four month long courses. I’m convinced that his diagnosis about the dimensions of education and preparation for working in the 21st Century that he is thinking are on the mark. And, I have been very impressed by the accelerated learning that takes place in the environment that Fernando and his colleagues have designed. The combination of a rich philosophical context, guided play and discussion, and the use of a virtual reality environment for interaction gives a place for learning that is both full of challenges and at the same time allows students to take risks and develop new practices fast without risking their identities in their normal workspace. Most participants report important results developed very quickly.

If you have followed Fernando’s ideas and writings over the years at all, and found or suspected that important benefits were possible there, I strongly recommend that you contact Gloria Flores at <gfloresletelier@gmail.com> and discuss with her how to participate in the emerging new work.

The following are introductory comments from Pluralistic Networks’ introduction to their offerings. Pluralistic Networks’ website can be found at http://www.pluralisticnetworks.com. The name comes from the observation that important work all over the world must come from teams of people assembled from deeply varied communities, backgrounds, and training, and those people must learn how to come together and work effectively with each other very quickly. There is no way for us to all ‘grow up in the same village together’ in order to learn to work effectively together.

Our Introductory Session is currently called Building and Thriving in Pluralistic Networks — A New Approach for Learning Critical 21st Century Skills.  It will take place in SF on Feb. 23rd – 25th.

This session is an intensive three day conference led by Dr. Fernando Flores.  During the three days, participants will experience a new way of learning that combines Virtual Reality Games, Guided Reflection and Discussion, and grounded theoretical work to constitute a Virtual Reality Learning Laboratory that enable our students to rapidly develop new skills and sensibilities that are critical for our world today.  During the three days, participants explore:

-the skills and sensibilities we must cultivate to build stronger relationships and act effectively with others in a global, complex and constantly changing world.
-the use use new networked technologies as learning environments for developing new skills and sensibilities.
-their own abilities to work effectively with others, including the behaviors that may get in the way. Throughout the course, participants engage in hands-on group exercises using a virtual reality game environment, and emerge not only with a new awareness of themselves and the skills they need to cultivate, but also with a sense of ambition as they begin to articulate a personal roadmap for learning to navigate in the world of pluralistic networks.

The WEST program (Working Effectively in Small Teams) is our Four Month Learning Laboratory focused on working in teams.  This program is not what you might expect from a “team building” type of course; but rather, our focus is on developing an awareness of how we invent our identity with others, and on learning new skills and sensibilities that enable us to not only coordinate more effectively with other people, but also to build trusting relationships and to be more sensitive to each others’ moods and emotions.  Our students work as teams, and in the process of engaging with each other, they discover what works and what does not work in the way they build their relationship with their team mates (and in real life) for the sake of completing their missions.  The program includes exercises that allow our students to begin to develop the ability to observe themselves in action, not get triggered by negative emotional reactions, and begin the process of cultivating emotional fortitude — the ability to cope with adversity, change and uncertainty as a routine part of life.

When he finished his term as a Senator, the Chilean Government asked Fernando to do several interesting things that I am sure he will share with students and in his blogging when the time is right.

8 thoughts on “Fernando Flores new offerings

  1. Congratulations Father!

    I am very glad for both of you. The offer sounds amazing in regards to allowing a larger group of people to interact with the ideas you are developing. In my opinion there is a vacuum; there are few sustainable methods for helping people interact longer than the three minutes it takes to respond to a forwarded email, or to post 140 characters online.

    I especially like the many domains addressed like incorporating play and group interaction dynamics. There are far too few places to see grown ups modeling how to act in a future that feels as uncertain as any great time in history.

    Bravo and Blessings,
    ~ stefan

  2. Hello Chauncey F. Bell III. You don’t know me, and maybe there are two or three or more Chauncey F. Bell IIIs running around the world, but on the chance this is you, you might be interested to know that I live on Montecito Drive in Corte Madera, CA . About 25 or thirty years ago, a neighbor was moving out of a house up the street and left a lot of ‘junk’ on the driveway for the trashman. I, being an inveterate scavenger, went casually through the stuff and found a shoebox of old postcards from all over the world. Interspersed with a stamp collection from around the world. The postcards are addressed Mstr. Chauncey F. Bell III, Miss kathy Bell, Mr. Douglas Bell,The Bell Family, all at 4984 Brewster Avenue, Tarzana, CA. They are mostly from the 50’s and early 60’s. There are probably fifty or so. Also some to friends, I suppose. Is your nickname ‘Chips’? There are a couple from Dad, but mostly from Winifred. Do you want these? I am cleaning out my closet and can’t think of another reason to save them. Let me know. Joan Fray Please email me either way, directly, not on your blog. Which is fascinating, by the way.

  3. Hi Chauncey. By luck I tripped over your blog site and see you are as forward thinking as ever. I have generated a concept for stimulating technology innovation via social networks. I would love to discuss it with you. Please send me your eMail address and I’ll send my white paper. Then, if agreeable, we can talk. I live in Berlin now – fantastic city. I also spend quite a bit of time in NYC where I am trying to raise $$ for my ideas. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. patricroberts

    I do believe synchronicity and grace is at work here my friend. I am contacting Gloria today by email to begin a conversation of possible possibilities with The Order of Earth/Maka Si Tomni (Surrounding the Universe). On May 3rd 2002 following 911 I founded the OOE with the expressed declaration of instigating a new configuration for “elder wisdom” bringing forth sustainability in the 21st century. (Never shy of taking on the big breakdown and blasting through to breakthrough, an out shoot of the ontological design learning and knowing you masters of masters.) In a few days it’s the 10th anniversary and here is a paragraph I wrote this morning in an internal monograph I am working on regarding this intersecting with your blog and Fernando’s new emergent offer:

    On May 3rd 2012 it will be 10th year since declaring The Order of Earth endeavor and what is interesting is how our pathway of discovery for a new configuration for elder wisdom and learning has disclosed an exceptional rigorous robust ancient social oral languaging and manner of living in the Original Oral Native Scientific Life Way of the Lakota People. In a manner of Wolakota (Peace and Friendship) Lakota elders are offering us a grounded paradigm in understanding the biological roots of living as Homo sapiens amans in the emergent post postmodern world. “The Lakota Paradigm” presentation by Jhon Goes In Center offers us a relevant insight (past. present, future) into the global predicament of the “Dueling Loops in Global Politics” intersecting the biology of love constituting, sustaining and maintaining the natural law of “Homo sapiens amans” in awarenesses now emerging in cognitive sciences. The valued intent of this monograph is to initiate an entrepreneurial private conversation of possible possibilities for designing an “Interactive V3W Design Plan” (V3W ~ Velocity in the Third Wave) applying “Communicative Competency as Homo sapiens amans in a Private Office of the Future as a Community of Value”. We are committing to innovative business design practices that generates the private capitalization as a social community of valued learning to bring forth the “Cultural Restoration of the Lakota People” (and all indigenous peoples originality who have an authentic common connectivity to the earth). We are envisioning relevant entrepreneurial innovations that breakthrough the permanent human and business concerns in modernity’s breakdowns that are no longer sustainable in unrestrained growth by anchoring future learning in an ancient dignity and manner of awareness of social relationship that constitutes peace, friendship, coordinations, collaborations, health and sustainable innovations in the future household of our humanity. Our grounded assertion in this next iteration “Maka Si Tomni Velocity in the Third Wave” enfolds the wisdom continuum of the Lakota People. This oral wisdom continuum is at least 7,000 years old based in the appearance of the White Buffalo Calf Women and essential revelations concerning the water of life and utilizing the sacred Cunnupa prayer pipe in all human utterances. The Lakota language has no word for animal, good bye or any profanity in blaming or shaming the surrounding creation interacting with Homo sapiens amans. The dignified manner of interactions is called Wolakota and reaches into understanding the intimacy and connection with Milky Way itself in natural law ~ momentariness as virtual identities being observers in a living universe. The joyful concern in living is enactively embodying and bringing forth dignity in all social relations and not power. Our assessment is the Lakota Living Life Way has specific distinctions that truly discloses new worlds and history making opportunities for humanity based in being Homo sapiens amans; biological animals wise sing up in loving social relations and not gods. It is an interesting predicament in current global breakdowns offering an opportunity in learning a mood of wonder.

    We have started to assemble a small diverse team articulating an artistic repository of dedicated leadership to bring forth this notion. Today I am so happy to hear Fernando has returned to America and I pray we find a way to play again together from a “High Leverage Point” and provide a movement in learning that makes history rather than suffering in it for another moment. We have all the time in the world and not a moment to waste. Bless you my friend, pray all is well, and feel free to get in touch anytime.
    Cell 303-520-6866
    Skype orderofearth_patric
    Email orderofearth@gmail.com

    My current reading “SOURCE; The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation” by Joseph Jaworski author of Synchronicity.
    Google “The Lakota Paradigm” to view Jhon Goes In Center 10 min presentation on Maka Si Tomni

  5. I am seeking a copy of Fernando Flores’ book/thesis “Management and Communication in the Office of the Future”. Do you have a copy or access to one? Thank you. Kim Brewster, Austin, TX

  6. Reblogged this on Ms Right Points of View and commented:
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    The digital media era has been upon us for some time and many of the changes to our understanding about the control we have over technology may be unclear. We do know the lines between privacy and public life have become blurry or non-existent. For this reason, it makes sense and was a design from the tools founder to help each user to use creativity in drawing or creating an iTag. How we want the world to see us?
    My comments will stop at this 2nd stage in my expression of a tool designed to break down the barriers in any and all of us.

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