End the University as We Know It – NYTimes.com

Hello there.
I’ve been busy with many things for the past year, but am committed to start posting some comments again. I’ll begin scattergun fashion, without a lot of focus, but this article that Michele Gazolo passed to me is too good not to pass on, so I’ll start here.

Other things to catch up on quickly will be a short review of what I have been doing, a note about the next Fernando Flores WEST (Working Effectively in Small Teams) Course, starting February (see www. pluralisticnetworks.com), and the next posting, news from a friend who has worked some miracles close to me over the years and who is taking a new and I guess important tack on Parkinson’s Disease.

Looking forward to be back in touch with many of you shortly.


End the University as We Know It – NYTimes.com.

One thought on “End the University as We Know It – NYTimes.com

  1.  Father,

    Thank you for this posting. To hear these words from educated, established intellectuals is encouraging. My assessment is that formal education is important in ways I can barely intuit. I hope there is a place for the issues mentioned in the article. The cross institution language suggestion sounds inspiring. 

    I am encouraged by the big ideas presented and the courage of challenging such an established system.

    Though it would take me years to get up to speed, the suggestion of cross-disciplinary conversations sounds like something I would love (me being the weird artist guy talking about something like Water with physicists and sociopolitical experts).

    Again, thank you for the post! Welcome back. I will look forward to more posts from you. I appreciate a chance to sound in and hear what inspires you.

    ~ stef

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