22 thoughts on “My Son Stefan’s Designs: Anime Venus – Butterfly Gown

  1. Bernardo Andrews

    Very, very nice work. Delicate design, outstanding photography. Congratulations to Stephan and Ethan. Cheers to the proud papá…

  2. Paul Johnson

    WOW… and he’s got nice legs also !!

    …. just kidding…. congrats to all, very VERY nice work…. proud is the word of the day for you sir.


    1. Paul

      Very funny, thank you!! Blessings to you!

      I appreciate the acknowledgement of my Father, he deserves to be proud.

      I will ask Ethan to come by and give thanks about our work as well.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. That means a lot to me!
      ~ stefan

    1. Brilliant work! I remember Stefan as a baby. Stefan as a baby. How wonderful he is so talented! Lita (a.k.a. Sally) Newdick

      Emily, do you remember our being friends in the Seventies in the South End? And smoking pot together? I do! And adorable little Stefan putting his finger in a light socket? I do!

      He looks just like you and wow, like you, is he talented. Would love to hear from you. I live in Cambridge. Poor Ned is in a nursing home. Vivian has a six month old little boy!

      Fond memories…love to you…

      I call myself Lita now… then “Sally” Newdick

      1. Lita.
        Oh My Gosh.

        Rarely do I get to meet someone who knew my Parents and I from that time. Please get Emily’s and my private emails from Father, and add us on Facebook personal pages!!

        Blessings and Compassion about Ned. AND Many Blessings about Vivian’s Baby!

        Nice to meet you!!
        ~ stefan

    1. NICK!!!! You ROCK. Thank you.

      And thank you for your acknowledgement of my Father, it is as much his achievement as well; without Shirah and he (and all my Parents & Grandparents) I could not have been an artist.

      I hope you are well.
      ~ stefan

    1. Biber,

      Thank you. He is. My Father has always been an unswerving supporter of my art, fashion, and musical work. He deserves the praise.

      Thank you for the implied compliment as well.

      Many Blessings
      ~ stefan

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